We Don’t Know Easter Candy

Taste testing Easter candy

It’s Easter… and April Fool’s Day. This week, we taste some of the random candy that only comes at Easter, chat about family Easter traditions and Mike shares some WTF facts about Peeps!

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We Don’t Know Our DNA


This week, we look inside ourselves to find more about who we are… literally! We’ve taken the home DNA tests from Ancestry.com and 23andme to find out more about our possible genealogy and ethnic makeup. We’ll discuss how the services compare and what we found!

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We Don’t Know Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa is the largest free-standing mountain in the world – a place few ever get to see in person. Last year, however, our friend Chad took an amazing journey to climb it! In this special episode, Chad and his partner, Matt, join us to tell his story about how he came to make the climb and the incredible physical and mental feats that it takes to get to the summit!

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We Don’t Know… Like… Um…

Mike giving a toast at a wedding

Have you ever uh… had one of those days when uh… your brain isn’t working as fast as like… your brain? Turns out that’s normal! However, it can be a distracting habit. This week, we examine why we use these “filler words” and how we can train ourselves to use them less often.

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We Don’t Know ACE NorCal

Mike, Steve & Rail Blazer

This week, we take a ride into the world of American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) for their 6th annual off-season tour at California’s Great America. We talk about this tight-knit community, get the inside scoop on Great America’s 2018 updates and get a behind-the-scenes look into off-season operations. Steve quizzes mike on random Bay Area theme park trivia and Mike challenges us to start taking time to do what we love.

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We Don’t Know The Winter Olympics

Mike is not an Olympian

Well, the Winter Olympics are wrapped up for another 4 years, so this week we take a look at some of the crazy sports. We talk about our favorites, learn how they started, and Mike shares some WTF facts that… well you should just hear for yourself.

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We Don’t Know Presidents… Day?

Bill Pullman in Independence Day

It’s President’s Day, so let’s talk about some amazing ones… from the past and from fiction! Time travel to save JFK, false teeth made of ivory and screws, a murderous Abraham Lincoln and Obama’s colorful new portrait round out this week’s theme of commander-in-chief. Also, Mike tries to create a game of presidential quiz wiz and fails.

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We Don’t Know Sitcoms

Behind the scenes of "One Day At A Time" on Netflix

Drama, laughs and lessons for the family… all in under 30 minutes! What is it about sitcoms that draws us in year after year? We talk about our favorites, the importance of cultural representation and learn about canned laughter.  Continue reading “We Don’t Know Sitcoms”

We Don’t Know Superb Owl

wow. what a superb owl.

Today was the big game! We didn’t watch it, but we’re gonna talk about it. Rivalry on the gridiron! Big ad money! And… owls, apparently. What do owls have to do with football? Listen to find out!

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We Don’t Know Triathlons

Jeremy training for Lavaman

Can you imagine swimming a mile, biking 24 miles, then finishing up with a 6 mile run all in the same day? We can’t either, but this week our friend Jeremy joins us as our first in-studio guest to talk about what it takes to compete in the Lavaman Triathlon. We also talk about his incredible fundraising efforts with Team In Training, AIDS Lifecycle and Cancer’s A Drag.

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