We Don’t Know How To Screen Print

Preparing to screen print some cards for Christmas.

We’ve spent all weekend trying to revive our screen printing skills, but as it turns out we don’t have any of those. We explore the science and a bit of history around the technique of serigraphy (and why we’re so terrible at it). Find out why we are covered in metallic gold ink, listener reactions to The Tree Whisperer and why Mike doesn’t know what a rhododendron is.

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We Don’t Know How To Holiday (Part 1)

The original Emporium Building dome at Westfield San Francisco Centre on Market Street.

We take a quick trip down memory lane as we talk about some of the traditions our families had during the holiday season and the history behind some of the places we visited. True stories of planes crashing into churches, fires destroying buildings where you now shop and Mike teases us about “The Tree Whisperer.”

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We Don’t Know Black Friday

Black Friday

We talk the ins and outs of Black Friday – the good, the bad and the deceptive deals. We learn a bit about the ways retailers target us with sales, how we fall for them and if they’re actually worth it. We also learn about the top shopping day of the year that blows Black Friday out of the water.

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We Don’t Know Inventions From Our Hood

Eggo Waffles

This week, we take a look at some of the lesser-known inventions from here in Silicon Valley from frozen breakfast and food in a cup to big hunks of steel and animatronic rats.

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We Don’t Know Our Veterans

Harold Silvas - WWII Vet

Veteran’s Day is this weekend, but what does it really mean? We hear some stories about those who serve to better understand the significance of honoring our service men and women.

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Bonus Episode: We Don’t Know Your Scary Stories

Hollywood's Lonesome Gal

In this surprise episode for Halloween we share your submitted scary stories and some of our own! A Hollywood radio personality possibly haunts our old apartment, Mike gets taken to a Curandera to return his soul, and a tales of a ghosts in bars and castles.

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We Don’t Know Urban Legends

Partrick Road - Home of the Napa Rebobs

Continuing our Halloween fun, we talk about urban legends from the cities where we’ve lived! Hollywood starlets roaming through rooms, murdered teens on remote roads and… flying monkeys?! Listen to hear about some creepy and fun legends (some with surprisingly interesting histories!).

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We Don’t Know Día de los Muertos

Calaveras for Día de los Muertos

What is Dia de los Muertos? We talk about we learned from the history and origin to some of the stories and traditions of this long-time Mexican celebration of life and death (and life after death). Also, its influence in art and increasing popularity in today’s culture.

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We Don’t Know Halloween

Mike & Steve on Halloween 2013

We discuss Halloween history and traditions. Where did Halloween and jack-o-lanterns come from? Family costumes and Halloween memories from growing up. And, of course, our favorite scary movies.

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We Don’t Know How To Be Tour Guides

Knott's Scary Farm

We don’t know where to take our friends in LA even though we lived there for years. Also: Bob’s Big Boy, Knott’s Scary Farm, Elvira, Gay Days at Disneyland.

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