We Don’t Know Our DNA

This week, we look inside ourselves to find more about who we are… literally! We’ve taken the home DNA tests from Ancestry.com and 23andme to find out more about our possible genealogy and ethnic makeup. We’ll discuss how the services compare and what we found!

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Where we come from and how our families got to where we are today is a time-consuming, but really satisfying process. Inspired by the show Who Do You Think You Are,  we’ve been exploring the results of the home DNA kits from ancestry.com and 23andme. We were really surprised at some the of the data that we got back and have been using it as a jumping off point to learn more about our family history.

Steve works with his family on his family tree and history
Steve works with his family on his family tree and history

The kits are easy to use to send your sample and you get results back in a few weeks to start exploring what your DNA says about you. Some of the findings had us scratching our heads, while others had us nodding and saying “yep. pretty much!”

Have you used a home DNA kit? We’d love to hear more about your background and family stories.

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