We Don’t Know Weird Halloween Candy

The aftermath of our taste test

It’s that time of year again to stock up on goodies to hand out to dressed up kids all over your neighborhood. But why are these candies so weird now?! Join us as we taste some Halloween candy, discuss our favorites from childhood and talk through the weird flavors and names of today’s treats.

The aftermath of our taste test
The aftermath of our taste test

This week was disgusting fun  because we got to watch each other react to some truly horrible unique Halloween candy. While we found some that we liked, I think we’ll be sticking with our usual favorites this season.

Check out our Instagram for some fun clips of us taste-testing some of the candy from this week’s episode.

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We Don’t Know Easter Candy

Taste testing Easter candy

It’s Easter… and April Fool’s Day. This week, we taste some of the random candy that only comes at Easter, chat about family Easter traditions and Mike shares some WTF facts about Peeps!

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