We Don’t Know Phobias

We Don't Know Phobias

Phobias are more than just “not liking” something – they’re an overwhelming (and sometimes debilitating) fear. Are they psychological or engrained into us by evolution? And why does the iPhone 11 Pro freak some people out? Find out on this episode!


We Don’t Know Pinball

Pacific Pinball Museum

Arcades are quickly becoming relics of our past and along with them, one of the earliest forms of arcade gaming – pinball. This week, special guest Chad Concelmo joins us to visit the Pacific Pinball Museum and learn about this history and art form that is creating pinball tables.

Special thanks this week to our great friend, Chad Concelmo, for joining us for a trip down memory lane and to the museum to play some great tables! You can read his article, “The Joy of Pinball” over at Destructoid.

For more information about the history of pinball, check out the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda – we highly recommend a visit and please, consider a donation while there to help preserve this awesome part of gaming history!

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We Don’t Know National Night Out

National Night Out 2019

National Night Out is an annual event designed to bring communities together with law enforcement to reduce crime. But why haven’t we attended before? And why is it held on a different day in Texas?!

This week, we discuss the history of National Night Out and how we feel about its impact (or potential impact) on communities today. We dig into what the event was designed to do, who sponsors it and try to look into some of the criticism of the event.


We Don’t Know Why You’re Not Voting


This Tuesday is election day in the U.S. and citizens sure seem more fired up about it than usual. We’re avoiding the politics to focus on why getting the vote out is important and why some people still don’t do it. Mike’s Dad is our special guest to give us context from the perspective of a precinct election judge to understand how polling places are run and how they can be vital to a community.

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We Don’t Know Halloween Costumes

Americans will spend over $9B on Halloween this year – and about a third of that will be on costumes! This week, we talk about the good, the bad and the INSANE costumes that we’ve found online. We also revisit some of our favorite costumes of the past and we discover that glitter pumpkin butts are a thing.

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We Don’t Know Weird Halloween Candy

The aftermath of our taste test

It’s that time of year again to stock up on goodies to hand out to dressed up kids all over your neighborhood. But why are these candies so weird now?! Join us as we taste some Halloween candy, discuss our favorites from childhood and talk through the weird flavors and names of today’s treats.

The aftermath of our taste test
The aftermath of our taste test

This week was disgusting fun  because we got to watch each other react to some truly horrible unique Halloween candy. While we found some that we liked, I think we’ll be sticking with our usual favorites this season.

Check out our Instagram for some fun clips of us taste-testing some of the candy from this week’s episode.

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We Don’t Know How To Buy A House

Mike & Steve get the keys to their new house

We finally bought a house… and it was a tedious process full of so many twists we didn’t see coming. This week, we talk about some of the ins, outs and gotchas of buying a home with some quick tips for future buyers. We also talk about Oculus Connect and CA Great America’s Haunt!

Mike & Steve get the keys to their new house
Mike & Steve get the keys to their new house

We Don’t Know How To House Hunt

The first in our mini-series about buying a house… cuz we just did! Looking for the right house was fun, but surprisingly challenging! Join us on our trip through some “catfish” houses, homes with no floors and the BBQ Ranch that we will soon call home!

We Don’t Know Memorial Day

Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day weekend and while most are out enjoying sunshine, pools and barbecue, it’s a good time to reflect on our history and what this day is actually about. This week, we look at the history of Memorial Day and some of the lesser known stories of those who have died serving our country.

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