We Don’t Know… Like… Um…

Have you ever uh… had one of those days when uh… your brain isn’t working as fast as like… your brain? Turns out that’s normal! However, it can be a distracting habit. This week, we examine why we use these “filler words” and how we can train ourselves to use them less often.

Mike giving a toast at a wedding
Mike giving a toast at a wedding

After listening to several episodes of the show, we realized that we have a problem. We use filler words way too often! You know what we’re talking about. Um, like, ya know, uh, so… These are all words that don’t add anything to the dialogue, but we put them in anyway. It was interesting to look into why we do this… and it turns out all languages do it!

Hopefully, we can start to use some of the tactics we learned about this week so that we stop using these words so often! We hope you find this week’s episode uh… ya know… like… entertaining!


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