We Don’t Know Volcanoes

© Pete Hartee

The chaos happening in on the Big Island of Hawaii got us thinking about just how many volcanoes are around the globe. This week, we take a quick look at volcanoes near us and the risks they pose. Plus Steve gets amped up about overly dramatic volcanoes in pop culture.

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We Don’t Know VR

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire VR Experience from The VOID

Virtual reality (VR) has been going through a resurgence over the past few years with some really cool ideas, but… nobody seems to know exactly what to do with it yet. This week, Mike explored VRLA to see some of the new ways developers are using VR, from art and education to PTSD therapy for veterans. We also tried out The VOID Star Wars Experience in Los Angeles!

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We Don’t Know The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers we are not.

We finally saw Black Panther and loved it! Super hero movies have come so far in 10 years, and there’s so much going on that they can be intimidating! How did this master plan of films come to fruition and how have they played out? We look back at the 19 films leading up to Avengers: Infinity War — with no spoilers!

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We Don’t Know Wisdom Teeth

Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors / © Warner Bros.

This week, Mike joined the group of most Americans who, at some point in their lives, get their 3rd molars removed. Why is this weird procedure such common practice? Why are they called “wisdom” teeth? And why do we have ’em anyway?! Also… some funny clips of Mike on pain killers.

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We Don’t Know Friday The 13th

Watch Out Mike!

Did you have a spell of bad luck last Friday? Ever notice a lot of tall buildings skip floor 13? Have you been chased by a guy in a hockey mask? We get into all of these topics and more this week as we discuss the superstition of the number 13 and pop culture around Friday the 13th!

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We Don’t Know Trading Spaces

The closest we'll ever get to Trading Spaces - painting our living room

The reality show that started the DIY television craze is rebooting this weekend, nearly 20 years after the first episode. This week we spend some time talking about why Trading Spaces became such a breakout hit and we re-visit some of the disasters of design that came out of it.

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We Don’t Know Easter Candy

Taste testing Easter candy

It’s Easter… and April Fool’s Day. This week, we taste some of the random candy that only comes at Easter, chat about family Easter traditions and Mike shares some WTF facts about Peeps!

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We Don’t Know Our DNA


This week, we look inside ourselves to find more about who we are… literally! We’ve taken the home DNA tests from Ancestry.com and 23andme to find out more about our possible genealogy and ethnic makeup. We’ll discuss how the services compare and what we found!

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We Don’t Know Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa is the largest free-standing mountain in the world – a place few ever get to see in person. Last year, however, our friend Chad took an amazing journey to climb it! In this special episode, Chad and his partner, Matt, join us to tell his story about how he came to make the climb and the incredible physical and mental feats that it takes to get to the summit!

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We Don’t Know… Like… Um…

Mike giving a toast at a wedding

Have you ever uh… had one of those days when uh… your brain isn’t working as fast as like… your brain? Turns out that’s normal! However, it can be a distracting habit. This week, we examine why we use these “filler words” and how we can train ourselves to use them less often.

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