We Don’t Know How To Holiday Party

Mike & Steve at Xmas 2011

The season of festive cheer is upon us, but it’s not always easy (for us anyway) to break the ice at the many holiday parties. This week we explore some advice to have better conversations at parties with friends or co-workers. TL;DR don’t drink too much like Susan in accounting and wind up drunk on the balcony with your puppy.

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Bonus Episode: We Don’t Know Your Scary Stories

Hollywood's Lonesome Gal

In this surprise episode for Halloween we share your submitted scary stories and some of our own! A Hollywood radio personality possibly haunts our old apartment, Mike gets taken to a Curandera to return his soul, and a tales of a ghosts in bars and castles.

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We Don’t Know Urban Legends

Partrick Road - Home of the Napa Rebobs

Continuing our Halloween fun, we talk about urban legends from the cities where we’ve lived! Hollywood starlets roaming through rooms, murdered teens on remote roads and… flying monkeys?! Listen to hear about some creepy and fun legends (some with surprisingly interesting histories!).

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