We Don’t Know Triathlons

Can you imagine swimming a mile, biking 24 miles, then finishing up with a 6 mile run all in the same day? We can’t either, but this week our friend Jeremy joins us as our first in-studio guest to talk about what it takes to compete in the Lavaman Triathlon. We also talk about his incredible fundraising efforts with Team In Training, AIDS Lifecycle and Cancer’s A Drag.

The determination to train and push yourself harder than ever in an effort to raise money to help those who are suffering is incredible and we’re so proud of our friend, Jeremy, for raising so much money year after year. Please visit his site and consider making a donation to help sponsor his efforts this year.

Here’s so more info on the events we talked about in this episode:

Lavaman Triathlon

AIDS Lifecycle

Cancer’s A Drag

Cancer's A Drag

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