We Don’t Know Our Veterans

Veteran’s Day is this weekend, but what does it really mean? We hear some stories about those who serve to better understand the significance of honoring our service men and women.

We started out this week intending to talk about a couple of things, including Veterans Day, but it quickly expanded to be a larger conversation around understanding what motivates service men and women to enlist and what it means to be a veteran. This episode covers input from those still enlisted all the way back to those who served in WWII.

Listening to our veterans and hearing their stories is important. If you’re interested in hearing stories from the veterans in your life, consider recording and sharing their stories with the National Archives with projects like Story Corps or the Veteran’s History Project.

Veterans in the United States have higher rates of suicide than the general population and we can help to provide support. For more information on how you can help the veterans in your community, check out some of these great charities:

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