We Don’t Know Wisdom Teeth

This week, Mike joined the group of most Americans who, at some point in their lives, get their 3rd molars removed. Why is this weird procedure such common practice? Why are they called “wisdom” teeth? And why do we have ’em anyway?! Also… some funny clips of Mike on pain killers.

Steve had his pulled when he was 16 and now Mike had his pulled in his 30’s. It got us thinking about how weird it is that we accept getting perfectly good teeth (in most cases) pulled out of our faces before they’re even bothering us. It reminded us a bit of Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors (side note: if you haven’t seen Little Shop, go rent it immediately, or watch the clips on YouTube).

Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors / © Warner Bros.
Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors / © Warner Bros.

Steve was also inspired this week by the YouTube video David After Dentist to record some golden dialogue from Mike straight out of the dental chair. Enjoy some more of Mike on pain killers after having his wisdom teeth pulled:

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