We Don’t Know How To Holiday (Part 1)

We take a quick trip down memory lane as we talk about some of the traditions our families had during the holiday season and the history behind some of the places we visited. True stories of planes crashing into churches, fires destroying buildings where you now shop and Mike teases us about “The Tree Whisperer.”

We’re always learning new things about each other (even after all these years) and this week was no exception. Swapping stories about things our families did over the holidays was fun – and the history of some of these places was pretty intense! We’d love to hear some of your favorite seasonal traditions! Share them with us on our Facebook. Here’s some more info about the history of places we looked up this week:

San Francisco City Centre, Architect Albert Pissis & FAO Schwarz:

Bascilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle:

The Crafty Lumberjacks:

This week we also mentioned The Crafty Lumberjacks! Check out Andrew & Dennis’ Instagram or YouTube for fun ideas of holiday things you can make to decorate or gift.

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