We Don’t Know Presidents… Day?

It’s President’s Day, so let’s talk about some amazing ones… from the past and from fiction! Time travel to save JFK, false teeth made of ivory and screws, a murderous Abraham Lincoln and Obama’s colorful new portrait round out this week’s theme of commander-in-chief. Also, Mike tries to create a game of presidential quiz wiz and fails.

Bill Pullman in Independence Day
Bill Pullman in Independence Day © 20th Century Fox

We didn’t know much about the President’s Day holiday before this week, so we wanted to learn a bit more about it. At first we were worried this episode might be dry, but since we decided to keep it a loose “presidential” theme, it became fun really fast! Here are some clips for the movies we talked about on the show this week:

Air Force One

Dead Presidents


Wag The Dog

Independence Day

President’s Day (2010)

President’s Day (2017)


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